Premier Office Supplies Corporate Merchandise Store

Premier is one of the leading independent Office Supplies companies in the U.K. supplying both our own Banner range of office products as well as branded products from all of the major global manufacturers.

We are a member of the Advantia Purchasing Group which was established in 1989 to enable independent stationery and office products dealers such as ourselves to achieve greater purchasing power with major wholesalers, distributors and multi-national suppliers. This enabled us to develop our own brand of top quality, competitively priced products that offer our customers a real alternative to the often expensively priced brand leader products.

Corporate merchandise is another one of the services we offer to help you deliver a cost effective way of getting your company noticed.
From pens to handbags, golf balls to hats and scarves we have got it covered. Our website has everything you could possibly want as a promotional item, plus many more you may never have thought of.
If you need any further assistance contact us on 01254 670774.

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